From Fly on the Wall Press the new book by Thomas McColl

GRENADE GENIE (Click here to buy a copy)


Consummate artistry…Thomas McColl’s sophisticated wit and humour made me laugh out loud and reminded me of Ian McMillan. These poems with their ironic commentary on the modern world need to be read aloud. When you reach the last one, I hope that like me you will feel you have been reading the work of a poet who enjoys his craft and wants you to enjoy it too. Peter Day, Iota

The book is packed full of wonderful, intricate observations of day to day life that sit perfectly alongside mesmerising dystopian mind melters. Martin Appleby, In Pursuit of Expression




Unsaid The Poetry Shed (March 2020)

Touch-type Dear Reader (October 2019)

The Phoney War Atrium (September 2019)

Superheroine The Poetry Village (July 2019)

Eyelids 84 (June 2019)

Breaking the Clock About Time anthology – Roger McGough poetry competition (June 2019)

My First Love Lighten Up Online (June 2019)

All the Beach is a Stage / Doormat Runcible Spoon (May 2019)

Irma Vep Riggwelter (May 2019)

Literal Library The Journal (March 2019)

Me, as a teen, on a metaphorical rant about losing my religion Three Drops from a Cauldron (February 2019)

Fragments / The Silent Call / Pervert / Left Behind / Visit to the Hygienist Dodging the Rain (February 2019)

The Pub That Thinks it’s a Bus Pop To Mag (January 2019)

The Surgery I go to Has a Two-Headed Doctor (a.k.a. The government’s latest cost-saving innovation for the NHS) Poems for the NHS at 70 Onslaught Press (November 2018)

Nightclubbing in Brum, 1988 Arts Foundry (May 2018)

The Bunker Poems for Grenfell Tower Onslaught Press (March 2018)

Pearl London Grip (March 2018)

Swallows on Oxford Street DIVERSIFLY – Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds Fairacre Press (February 2018)

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Kissing App Spacecraft Press (January 2018)

Imprint / Sparrows / Statement by the Pedestrian Liberation Organisation I am not a silent poet (November 2017)

Chip Shop Aquariums Lonesome October Lit (November 2017)

Gran’s Premonition Fat Damsel (August 2017)

Look at That! Ink, Sweat & Tears (June 2017)

First Kiss / Hard Tears / Hooked Burning House Press (June 2017)

Glove Puppets Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis (March 2017)

The Chalk Fairy Disappear Here (February 2017)

Barbie, Sindy, John and Mike / The End of the Modern World Hand Job Zine (January 2017)

Doctor Smith Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis (December 2016)

It Was a Cut-Up Hot Tub Astronaut (November 2016)

The End of the Modern World Paper & Ink (November 2016)

Open Mic London Spoken Word Anthology 2015-6 – GUG Press (September 2016)

Spiritual Appraisal Ground (September 2016)

The Chalk Fairy Culture Matters (September 2016)

Mireya, My Mail Message Mentor Prole (August 2016)

Green Graffiti Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis (July 2016)

Uncle Phil Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis (June 2016)

Barbie, Sindy, John and Mike Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis (May 2016)

The Evil Eye International Times (May 2016)

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Robot Theatre Cloud – Loneliness Project (April 2016)

Carry My Eyes Refugees Welcome: Poems in a Time of Crisis Eyewear Publishing (January 2016)

Chip Shop Aquariums PUSH 2 anthology – best of issues 11-15 (August 2015)

Open Mic & Funny Money The Literary Commune (June 2015) Cover art here

Chip Shop Aquariums PUSH (March 2015)

The Gamble Account* The Incubator Journal (February 2015) *Poem is on page 81 of pdf

I Ink, Sweat and Tears (August 2014)

Short Stories

No Second Night Out Black Noise anthology – Like This Press (April 2017)

Upon Westminster Bridge Sick Lit Magazine (March 2017)

The Keys to the House (audio) Short Story Cast (February 2017)

It was acceptable in the 90s The Fiction Pool (December 2016)

Chalk Fictive Dream (July 2016)

Shopping with Perseus (audio) Tapes & Tales (February 2016)

The Plagiarist (audio) Tapes & Tales (November 2015)

Underneath the Arches The Ghastling (December 2014) ISSUU version here

Roman Nose the Next Review (January 2014)

Boris and the Banshees From the Slopes of Olympus to the Banks of the Lea Smoke: A London Peculiar (August 2013) Short extract on page 7 of pdf sample here

The Keys to the House Stories for Homes: Anthology in aid of the charity Shelter (July 2013) Short extract here

Tomboy We Geeked This (April 2013)

Escapism Wild Orphan (November 2012)

Blind Spot Stories from Another London: Volume Three One Eye Grey (October 2012)

Flash fiction

Desperate Measure The Fiction Pool (July 2018)

The Greatest Poem Queen Mob’s Tea House (June 2018)

There’s No Escaping the Jupiter of Inner Space Hypnopomp (April 2018)

Tell Me What It Means Fictive Dream (June 2017)

Guess Which Hand Your One Phone Call (January 2017)

No Festival’s Complete Without Drugs Supplied by the Festival Fly Burning House Press (July 2016)

Uncle Phil Liars’ League London (April 2016)

Bricks InZine #5 – Silhouette Press (March 2016)

Cardboard Crime ONEOFFZINE / Open Pen (March 2016)

Smile Hand Job Zine (October 2015)

The Paper Round Paper & Ink Zine (September 2015)

The Banshees by the Railway Track SHIFT Lit (June 2015)

Springtime in Soho Unthunk Journal (February 2015)

Three Stories Stand Up Tragedy (September 2014)

Pay Here* Here Comes Everyone (August 2014) *story is on page 6 of pdf

The Plagiarist Bare Fiction (April 2014)

Classified Secret Service Report on Moral / Immoral Oblong (January 2014)

Self-discovery* Here Comes Everyone (December 2013) *story is on page 6 of pdf

Fragments Belleville Park Pages (September 2014)

Shopping with Perseus Geeked (August 2013)

Takeaway Poetry Joint National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2013 (June 2013)

Cardboard Crime Open Pen (May 2013)

Wish You Were Here* Volume (April 2013) *story is on page 52 of pdf

S Marco Polo Arts Mag (March 2013)

Fruit‘n’veg The Alarmist (February 2013) Also on page 17 of pdf sample here

Work Night Manor Park London Literary Project (January 2013)

Sunday Market* The Ranfurly Review (December 2012) *Story is on page 9 of pdf

Carl the Clock Notes from the Underground (August 2012)

Bucking Broncos* Paragraph Planet (August 2012) *click on aug5th on drop down menu

Dr X and Miss Y The Molotov Cocktail (July 2012)


Breaking the Clock About Time anthology – Roger McGough poetry competition (Shortlisted, June 2019)

Guess Which Hand Eyewear 9th Fortnight Poetry Prize (Shortlisted, November 2017)

Tell Me What It Means Myriad First Drafts Competition 2017 (Longlisted, September 2017)

Upon Westminster Bridge Manor Park Book Prize 2017 (1st Prize, April 2017)

Shopping with Perseus South West Fest 3rd Annual Writing Competition (1st Prize, June 2016)

Roman Nose Kirkdale Bookshop’s inaugural short story contest (Winner, December 2013)

The Nose Picker: Public Enemy Number One 60 Second Story Competition 4’33 Magazine (2nd Prize, May 2012)


Two Decades in the Small Press Scene Contemporary Small Press Project (June 2016)

Guest post Sea Minor – Nigel Bird Blogspot (November 2015)

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