Grenade Genie – one year on

A year has now passed since my book, Grenade Genie, was published by the fab Fly on the Wall Press, and following on from my two previous blog posts – ‘Grenade Genie – one month on’ and ‘Grenade Genie – six months on’ – this latest blog post of mine collects together all the reviews and publicity my book’s received since the end of last year. They’re all listed below – under six headings – just click on the highlighted links to see/read/hear more.


East London Radio – Talking Stories 49, 27th March 2021 (me reading ‘The Phoney War’, 49m 40s in).


Fly on the Wall Press – Blog post, by my publisher, giving a round up of reviews of Grenade Genie over the past year (including reviews from Confluence magazine, The High Window magazine, Emma Lee’s Blog, Mark Aspen Reviews, Bunny’s Pause and Juliette van der Molen).


Forever After, Between the Pages – interviewed by Damien Donnelly


Poetry Performance – Online event, 6th December 2020 (Featured poet, 15 minute set)
Poetry at the Beer Cafe – Online event, 17th February 2021 (5 minute set, 15m 40s in)
Celine’s Salon – Online event, 3rd March 2021 (me reading ‘No Longer Quite So Sure’ on the No. 425 bus, 13m 35s in)


Eat the Storms – Episode 1 Season 2 (6 minute set, on 10m 10s in)

Poems from the book

Grenade Genie – International Times
Carry My Eyes (Above and Across the Barbed Wire Border): Extract – Write Out Loud
Jan, Jen or Jean – Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis
Jan, Jen or Jean – Arts Richmond

And that’s it for now. If you did want to buy my book, it continues to be available from my publisher, Fly on the Wall Press, both as a printed copy, at £8.99, here, and in digital format, at £3.99, here. It’s also available from Amazon, in both formats, here, or from Bookshop UK, here, and signed copies can also now be obtained direct from me, via my Big Cartel online shop, here.

Many thanks for reading, and for your continued support, and all the best, as ever, through these strange and unpredictable times.

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