Grenade Genie – six months on

Following on from my previous blog post, from back in June, ‘Grenade Genie – one month on’, this latest blog post of mine collects together all the reviews and publicity my book’s received since May. They’re all listed below, under six headings (Radio, Reviews, Interviews, Performances, Features and Poems) – just click on the highlighted links to see/read/hear more.


Soho Radio – The Soho Hour with Clare Lynch, 22nd July 2020 (me reading ‘No Longer Quite So Sure’, 32m 30s in).
Brum Radio – Brum Radio Poets, 26th July 2020 (Fly on the Wall Press showcase, interview and readings).
BBC Radio WM – Henry Liston show, 3rd September 2020 (me reading ‘Nightclubbing in Brum, 1988’).
North Manchester FM – Hannah’s Bookshelf (Not Quite Live) Poetry Special, 19th September 2020 (interview and reading, 1hr 6m in).
East London Radio – Talking Stories 43, 22nd September 2020 (me reading ‘The Greatest Poem’, 49m 50s in).


The Dead Pixels – ‘That’s what the finest poetry can do, offer us an insight into the human condition.’
Paul Robert Mullen – ‘a strange mixture of very entertaining, thought-provoking, wildly unsettling, and somewhat prophetic.’
The High Window – ‘In these poems McColl shows he is a real poet writing honestly and perceptively, exploring what it means to be alive in these unsettling times.’
Twickenham Tribune – ‘McColl is ruthless with his words: truly relentless but far from unwelcome, and very compulsive.’
Nicola Heaney – ‘McColl’s language is at times furious, at times mischievous – but always earnest.’
Confluence magazine – ‘This book is very much a voice for these times, an oracle proclaiming the digital takeover, consumerism and the cognitive dissonance this brings.’


Here Comes Everyone – interviewed by Raef Boylan.
Poetry Corner – interviewed by Heather Moulson.


Poetry Archive – Online performance, 26th May 2020 (reading ‘Lightning Strikes’).
Fire & Dust – Online event, 4th June 2020 (Featured poet, 15 minute set).
Isolation Literary Festival – Online festival, 8th July 2020 (10 minute set, 1hr34m in).
Fly on the Wall Press YouTube channel – Online event, 23rd August 2020 (10 minute set).
Fly on the Wall Press Performance Group – Online event, 20th September 2020 (30 minute set, randomly chosen poems).
Poetic Impact – In-person live event, London, 3rd October 2020. 3 clips (uploaded 23rd October 2020): ‘The Bunker’, ‘Security Pass’ & ‘Carry My Eyes’.
Dragonflies Spoken Word – Online event, 6th October 2020 (Featured poet, 15 minute set).
Poetry Performance – Online event, 1st November 2020 (2 reviews of event, one by Heather Moulson and another by Matthew Grierson).
Bridgewater International Poetry Festival – Online festival, 19th November 2020 (5 minute set).
Write Out Loud, Woking – Online performance, 26th November 2020 (5 minute set).
Spineless Authors’ Night No.6 – In-person live event, London, 11th December 2019. 2 clips (uploaded 3rd December 2020): ‘Statement by the Pedestrian Liberation Organisation’ and ‘The Surgery I go to has a Two-headed Doctor’.


Poetry London – Lockdown Listings
Fly on the Wall Press blog – The People Who Shaped My Writing: Tom McColl
Chris Rice Cooper blog – Backstory of the Poem # 205: Thomas McColl’s ‘Statement by the Pedestrian Liberation Organisation’
The Word Bin – Episode 80 (Tom McColl ‘bins’ the word ‘Police’)
Sunday Tribune – Writers Influences series, No.5: Tom McColl on Stevie Smith


Grenade Genie – International Times
Jan, Jen or Jean – Places of Poetry
Socialist Workers on Oxford Street – Places of Poetry

And that’s it for now. If you did want to buy my book, it continues to be available from my publisher, Fly on the Wall Press, both as a printed copy, at £8.99, here, and in digital format, at £3.99, here. It’s also available from Amazon, in both formats, here, or from Bookshop UK, here, and signed copies can also now be obtained direct from me, via my Big Cartel online shop, here.

Many thanks for reading, and for your continued support, and all the best, as ever, through these strange and unpredictable times.

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