Grenade Genie – one month on

My latest collection of poetry, Grenade Genie, was released just over a month ago, slap-bang in the middle of lockdown, but despite all gigs and feature slots that were booked right through to the summer being cancelled, I’ve tried my best to get the book out there, one way or another.

In any event, my book, which continues to be available from my publisher, Fly on the Wall Press, as a printed copy, at £8.99, here, has now become available in digital format, at £3.99, here – and has, just this week, become available via Amazon, here. Copies can also now be obtained direct from me, so if you wanted a signed copy, please feel free to get in touch.

Below is a list all of the reviews and publicity the book’s received in the past month – just click on the highlighted links to read/see/hear more.


BBC Radio Kent – The Leo Ulph show, 20th May 2020 (me reading ‘The Greatest Poem’)
Soho Radio – Celine’s Salon (interview with Celine Hispiche, 30 minutes into the show)


Bunny’s Pause – ‘These poems couldn’t have arrived at a better time. More than ever outspoken voices need to be heard over the corrupted. These poems are engaging and challenging, you will find yourself looking at the world filter free.’
Emma Lee’s Blog – ‘“Grenade Genie” is a wryly humoured look at life, subverting normal expectations and asks readers to take a new look at the commonplace.’
Juliette Writes – ‘This collection layers heat until it is undeniably explosive…This is unflinching poetry with a heavy backdraft. It is not a light read and it is all the better for it.’
Mark Aspen Review Blog – ‘…McColl is ruthless with his words: truly relentless but far from unwelcome, and very compulsive.’
Never Imitate – ‘Contemporary subjects, wry humour…The poems entertain whilst also provoking thought on a wide range of issues pertinent to a resident of a city.’
Poetry in the Basket –  ‘These poems travel flawlessly from the witty to the terrifying.  Well worth the bus fare! Can I go round again please?’
Write Out Loud – ‘McColl’s quirky brand of poetry is often political, but with a smile on its face. That’s a rare and welcome combination.’


Puzzle Hall Poets – interviewed by Steve Nash
Everybody’s Reviewing – interviewed by Matt Nunn
Spoken Label Podcast – interviewed by Andy N


WinchesterFest – Livestreamed poetry festival feature, 18th April 2020 (1 hour set of poems from the book)
Fly on the Wall Press Performance Group – Online book launch, 23rd May 2020 (20 minute set of poems from the book)
Celine’s Salon – Gerry’s Club, 27th January 2020 (me performing ‘The Greatest Poem’ – pre-lockdown, but uploaded during lockdown)
Dead Darlings podcast – Episode 9: Open Mic special, 2nd April 2020 (me reading ‘The Greatest Poem’, 58m 40s in)

Poetry Scum – Scumiversary Online Extravaganza, 25th May 2020 (me reading ‘Lightning Strikes’)


Arts Richmond – ‘No Longer Quite So Sure’, the first poem in my book, featured as ‘Poem for Today’, 29th May 2020
Blue Nib Magazine – my reading of ‘Literal Library’, the last poem in the book, featured in Blue Nib’s Ink Pods podcast.

And that’s it for now. There are a few more interviews and reviews due, and the Leamington Poetry Festival, at which I was going to feature with a 1 hour show on 4th July, has now been postponed to the weekend of 13-15th November 2020.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for all your support, and all the best through these strange and unpredictable times.

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